Builder - Roly


Hi. I'm Roly. I grew up and completed my building qualification in Hamilton before starting R J Alderton Builders in 2000. I've always had a keen interest in working with, and creating things from wood and other materials and have a particular focus on attention to detail. I enjoy all aspects of building and take particular pride in the quality workmanship that we provide at each stage of the building process. I believe the finishing touches, such as detailing on the interior and exterior, really showcase the well thought out and executed work that has been done throughout any job. My other interests include adrenalin sports like mountain biking, free-skiing, and racing a tarmac race car which I built and maintain.

Builder - Alex


Hi. I'm Alex. I've been working with the R J Alderton Builders Ltd team since September 2002 when I started my apprenticeship and career in building. One of the aspects of building that I really like is seeing the transformation from the existing / nothing to the finished product. I also enjoy the foundation stages of building, such as pre-cutting and framing up houses in the sunshine, as well as the doing the finishings. Outside of work, I'm into extreme sports like wakeboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding and I love going to the beach.

Builder - Jorinde & Sam


Hi. I'm Jorinde (Roly's wife). I've been involved with R J Alderton Builders Ltd since we first started in 2000. I generally look after the administrative side of the company, but am just as happy to be on the tools whenever the opportunity arises. I enjoy playing squash, mountain biking and skiing.